Users Tab

The Users tab shows information about all registered users on this site.

Access is restricted to people with Content Manager privilege.

This page is accessed as:

This page allows administrators to add / delete users, change their permissions and perform other administrative tasks.

The Users table is:

  • Sortable: Click on a heading. If doesn't appear to update, refresh the page and retry.
  • Editable: Click on a row. Only some columns are editable. After making an edit, press your keyboard <return> to confirm the update.
  • Scrollable
  • Searchable: Select the magnifying glass at bottom left of the table.

Users Table Columns

From left-to-right, here's what the columns mean:

  • View Profile icon will bring up this user's profile page.
  • First/Last names are edited on user's account page. The user can do this.
  • SSO Checked, if this user is required to use single-sign on. Otherwise, the user must use a locally-stored password.
  • Email is registered email for the user, also used as for login. Changing email is possible on the user's account page. Colored Background indicates this email is known to be invalid. Please contact support to provide a corrected email address.
  • Role checkboxes are updated here:
    • Mentor: If checked (and Public is also checked) Mentor's profile is listed, and visible to others.
    • Editor: If checked (and Public is also checked) Editor's profile is listed, and visible to others.
  • Administrative roles: Users with these roles are not visible to others (unless they are also Editors or Mentors.)
    Task Content Mgr Site Admin Superuser
    Publish topic updates X X X
    Create Users, assign roles X
    Except Site Admin or Superuser
    Except Superuser
    All roles
    Create Topics, assign Mentors and editors X X X
    View and modify all topic data X X X
    Add Mentor Candidates X X X
    Work with Mentor Candidates Only if Mentor All All
    Create Groups X X X
    Modify Any User's Profile Data X X X
    View and modify all user data   X X
    Alter account $ balance. ("Add Money")   X X
    Alter website configuration parameters   X X
    Delete Topics X X X
    Delete Users X X X
    • Content Manager: This role is intended for most individuals who are responsible for the overall content of the site, and who do not need access to site configuration and financial information.
    • Site Admin: This role is intended for a limited set of individuals who are responsible for the internal configuration and financial aspects of the site.
    • Superuser: This role is privileged and available only to TrustedPeer. Note: Superuser should also be provided "Admin" privilege, as we don't check for both.
  • Public checkbox: This user (Mentor or Editor only) has completed their profile and this profile is made public. Mentor Candidates should not be made Public until it is time to promote them to full Mentors. (Note that "Public" in this context means visible to users of the platform, not necessarily visible to the general public.)
  • Created: This is the date the user was created: Either the user self-registered, or was added to the system by an administrator and an email notification was sent. If the user is added, but the "Send email notification" is not set, this Created date will be blank: The user has not been notified that they have an account.
    Click to Delete this user.
    (Deletion of users is blocked if there is existing communication, purchases, account-balance or information which cannot be safely removed automatically. If you need to delete a user are denied, contact Support and we'll handle it manually.)
    Click to Activate this user.
    Activation causes a "Welcome" email to be sent to the user, asking the user to login and set their password. As a side-effect, it (re-)sets the Created date, and starts the periodic timer which will send login reminders until the user logins for the first time (for up to four weeks). Use this button:
    1. If you added a user without sending the initial email notification (i.e., "Created" is blank). Perhaps you added users in bulk and wanted to get things ready before announcing site availability. Click now to send the first notification. Or,
    2. If you added the user awhile ago and think the "Welcome" emails may have gotten lost or ignored, click Activate again, to resend the initial email, and reset reminder emails for this user.

    Note: If you have many activations to send, you can Click on one, then Shift-Click on a second checkmark and we'll send the notices to all users in the list in between the clicks. (The user on the initial Click will get a notice & then all the subsequent users up to and including the final Shift-Click will get notifications.) Be aware: We do not popup an "are you sure" prompt prior to sending the notifications.

    You might find it easier to first click on the "Created" column and order all newly created users together, and then Click and Shift-Click the list to activate recent additions.

  • Calendar Click to View Calendar for this user.
    You can view and update availability for any user. See Calendar for details.

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