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This information is specific to Mentor Candidates, and is designed to provide a workflow for on-boarding new Mentors. It may or may not be appropriate for your process.

Access is restricted to users with Content Manager privilege.

This page is accessed as the Candidates tab, on the Content Manager Dashboard.

This page displays all Mentor candidates. Individuals who go through the workflow may be seen here, allowing you to view the status (in the first column) and take notes on their progress (through the Worksheet icon Worksheet in the final column.)

Key Ⓔ = Editor has been assigned   worksheet = Worksheet
identify-topicIdentify Expertise First stage. The candidate needs to work with a Content Manager to identify and refine the expertise. This is done via email between Content Manager and the candidate. If a separate Topic is being created for this Mentor, this will entail creation of the Topic Title. The Content Manager will use the Worksheet as a means to record the conversation and, eventually, Create the Expertise Topic Title.

The candidate is now a The Wond'ry Innovation Portal Mentor, which means this person:
  • Has extra selection ("As Contributor") on the Dashboard
  • Can view content-creation resources (under the My Content Tab)
  • Can directly message any other The Wond'ry Innovation Portal Mentor.
This individual is not publicly visible yet.
develop-contentExpertise Development In-Progress Second Stage. Expertise has been defined, candidate (and editor) should be developing the content. Completion status can be monitored on the Client's Dashboard, and can be monitored on the Worksheet.

Some items require input from you the Content Manager, as this platform cannot automatically record some events (such as "training completed"). The Candidate still needs to complete profile development, training, etc.

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