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Common Page Navigation

Every page (except these help pages) is structured the same way.
1) Header

At the top-left of the page:

  • The first symbol (the "hamburger") toggles the left-side menu.
  • The second symbol toggles the Chat listing, which will be displayed at the bottom of the page. If there are unread chat messages, there will be a small red indicator. If you are not a member of any chat groups, the chat symbol will not be displayed.
  • The third symbol will navigate to on-line messages. There, you can read, reply and create messages to be sent to other users. If there are unread messages, there will be a small red indicator.

At the top-right of the page:

The question mark bring you here to Help. If there is specific help for the page you're viewing, you'll see help appropriate for the page. Otherwise, you'll see the Help Center, where you can browse all topics.

The Exit symbol will log you out of the current session.

2) Left-Hand Menu

As mentioned above, selecting the "hamburger" menu icon toggles the menu.

This menu is divided into sections, each with a heading (which is also clickable). The precise content of the menu depends on the site configuration and your permissions. The menu does not change as you navigate through the site.

The Home section contains most of the items you'll use every day, including quick access to Sessions and Programs you're participating in, as well as any extra content you may have created (Blog postings, Team Goals, etc.)

Clicking on Home, itself, takes you to your Home Dashboard which summarizes current status and provides alerts for pending actions. When you initially sign-in, you're (usually) taken to this dashboard.

The Resources section contains a link to Browse. You can browse this network of users and (depending on your permissions) initiate contact with them, requesting a Session.

Other items under this session are provided by the administrator and may include a Blog, list of Teams, Application, Resource Library. Often what you create under Home >> My Content will be visible to others under the relevant Resources >> Item section.

Clicking on Resources, itself, takes you to a summary of available resources.

The Settings section lets you set your email/password (Security). Phone, mobile phone, Zoom account (Contact Info). Set office hours, connect external calendars and list times when you're available (Availability).

The Profile item allows you to edit your viewable profile, including a photo, work / education history and other relevant information. This information will be viewable by other members of this platform if:

  • You are listed as a Mentor, and
  • This information is marked public.
  • You have engaged a session with a Mentor: That Mentor will be able to view your information

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