Unresponsive Mentors

When a meeting is requested, but the Mentor has not responded in any way (chat, notification) that we can detect, we add these Mentors to the "Unresponsive" list.

Lack of response may be due to

  • Off-platform contact -- Encourage them to use this platform to coordinate scheduling, notification, and sharing of information across all members.
  • Email issues -- Have them verify correct email address and check spam folders.
  • Lack of interest -- Remove the Mentor from the platform.

You should:

  1. Contact the Mentor to make sure they're aware of the session request
    • Did their email change?
    • Is their email working?
  2. Have the Mentor respond to the session:
    • Accept the session request, or suggest different time
    • Comment in the Chat field on the Session Worksheet
  3. If the meeting has been completed, have the Mentor or requestor mark the session complete!
  4. If the meeting should be cancelled then have the requester Delete the Session (from their session list).
  5. Final option: You can force close this session. This option is most useful for abandoned sessions where it does not make sense to try to complete or cancel the session. It will end the session without notifying the participants.

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